About Us

ELECTROLAB, Inc. has been established by former R&D, manufacturing, & quality engineers in the Silicon Valley to meet the equipment demands of industry. Since its founding in 1993, ELECTROLAB has positioned itself as a timely purveyor of quality refurbished test and measurement equipment to the industry. Our customer base spans the North American Europe, and Far East and numbered amongst the ranks of these clients are many readily recognizable corporate names both in and out of the ranks of high technology. ELECTROLAB, in keeping with its own internal quality standards, deals only with the most reputable brands of test and measurement equipment. We at ELECTROLAB believe that we are performing a key service to the high tech industry by providing quality refurbished equipment at a reasonable cost to the users. By being able to furnish our clientele with equipment usually in the time frame of two weeks or less, we at ELECTROLAB also serve to minimize any costly delays to a company's schedules which may ensue from the lack of this equipment or from a firm's having to endure a prolonged period of wait for uneconomical new test and measurement to be manufactured and delivered to it by an OEM. In addition, we at ELECTROLAB believe that we are playing a special role to society by recycling quality equipment, thereby preempting the need to manufacture more unnecessary equipment that will lead to further pollution. Our technical sales and service representatives will work their hardest to provide you with the best products and service.